Engineering Freshers/Interns

Job Summary:

We are offering Internship cum placements to 3rd year and final year B.Tech students from ECE Department, for the role of Trainee Engineer. Five positions are open, and we are pleased to invite resumes. We would like to give a pre-placement talk to the batch before inviting interests.

1. Duration of Internship: minimum of8-12 months subject to their performance during internship and post-internship evaluation, the interns will be offered a full-time position at Constelli at the end of internship tenure
2. Compensation: Rs.15k per month will be offered as stipend during Internship. Package offered for Full-time role, if absorbed after 8-12months: salaries begin at 4.5 LPA.
2. Work Week: While students can continue pursuing their curriculum subjects and attend exams, they have to come to office 5-days in the weekotherwise.
4. Location: Constelli Office – Madhapur
5. This internship will be a focused effort on tool training and will give them extensive industry experience. Hence, we do not encourage them with any other parallel internships or projects.
Internship Structure:
1 . Phase I: One month
Self-driven training with guidance of a mentor a .LabVIEW, LabVIEW FPGA – core 1, core2, core 3 .
2 . Phase 2: Two months
Exercise Assignments- student learns to implement DSP algorithms with the tool
3 . Phase 3: Five-Nine months
.       i)   Student will implement a real-time DSP component, test, and integrate on Hardware (if applicable) which can be presented as a Major Project.
ii) Student will be working along with the core engineers and be assigned tasks under multiple live projects.

Evaluation Process:
1 . Aptitude & Technical Evaluation (Virtual)
2 . Interviews over video conferencing/ in-person at office

Key Responsibilities include:
1.  Put continual efforts to learn & adapt new technologies and grow
2.   Study, understand, and develop signal processing algorithms
3.   Cooperate & communicate effectively with project team
4.   Plan the training tasks assigned and prepare time plans to meet deadlines
5.   Innovate & add value to the team and organization

1.  Strong basics in Engineering concepts; and interest in the subject and interest to work in the core areas.
2. Hands-on / Knowledge of any of these programming languages or tools is an added advantage: C, C++, MATLAB, LabVIEW, Verilog/VHDL, etc.
3. Good oral & written communication skills, smart & quick learning skills

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