Jr. LabVIEW Engineer

Job Summary: Constelli has an immediate opening for a LabVIEW Engineer in Digital Signal Processing Systems department. This is a full-time role in Hyderabad.

Key Responsibilities of the job include :
► Study, understand, and develop signal processing algorithms
► Implement algorithms on LabVIEW for real-time FPGA hardware
► Cooperate & communicate effectively with project team
► Prepare necessary technical documents
► Innovate & add value to the team and organization
► Put continual efforts to learn & adapt new technologies and grow

2-4 Years of Experience in LabVIEW coding
► Proficiency in LabVIEW FPGA (fixed-point) is a must
► CLAD certification is preferred
► Knowledge of any programming language or tool (C, C++, Matlab, Verilog/ VHDL, etc.) will be of added value
► Bachelor/Masters degree in Electronics & Communications with decent aggregate from reputed college/university
► Good oral & written communication skills, smart & quick learning skills