RAlly for Recreation (R.A.R) – July, 2019

Just like every other RAR, today was eventful with inspiring speeches and fun filled activities.

In the morning we gathered for the monthly review meeting to summarize status of the current projects, and discuss plans and targets for the forthcoming month. The meeting was followed by a group activity where we divided into teams and made puppets out of newspapers and ice cream sticks to enact a message giving play.

Post lunch, we gathered once again to witness the launch of the Planeteers club, a committee formed by the employees to initiate eco-friendly activities aimed at making Constelli a green organization. After which, we had a dance session where we learned simple Zumba dance and practiced it. Regularly practicing Zumba dance help us keep our body fit and in shape.

The day finally concluded with a Table Tennis tournament. The events left us all with enough motivation and energy to meet the targets of next month and of course a lot of memories to cherish!