Life At Constelli: Thoughts, Actions and Everything In Between

“If you want to change the world, go home and love your family.”

⦁ Mother Teresa

Creating “Happy Work”
In today’s day and age, work-life balance has become a critical task to manage especially with the fast-paced lifestyle and even more demanding jobs. We get it as it has become a “new normal”! But living your life to the fullest with zero regrets is what contributes to a steady life. Never ever forget it!
Unmistakably, countless office domains have blurred the boundaries of work and home and we are super sure that every one of you (well, most of you) feel a tug-of-war between the personal life and never-ending demands of workplace. As per a recent study, 65 per cent of employees feel that they are always caught up with work even after office hours and their respective managers seek them to do so even on vacations.
Don’t ever think that you are alone in this deep mire! The struggle is real, and the worst part is that this imbalance triggers stress, anxiety, depression, and many severe mental health conditions. All we say is try your best to un-blur the line by extricating yourself through consolidating your calendars and speaking out loud.
Constelli believes that it requires a concerted effort to improve the work-life equilibrium on a personal and organizational basis. And the journey starts at the workplace with baby steps to prioritize it.
We, at Constelli trust that a great life is something to be lived but shouldn’t be dreamt. And so, we have sculpted our work ambience in the similar course of action. Because why not! They say, it is the little things with quiet moments that make up the grand picture and making it busy with no balance between work and life lands you in the bad mental space.
At Constelli, we practice this organically with just simple and handful of mantras. To be candid, this is one of our major motives and culture to reinforce the idea of “Happy Work”. In other words, our work culture is a perfect blend of fun, enriched relationships, creative work, and whatnot!
Undeniably, our workforce delivers the best with no rush to reach somewhere on time but with ease to have a lot of time at hand. Our team works hard and run to keep themselves in good mental state by taking care of the personal and professional goals.
We promise our squad that we are here for them while they pave their incredible journeys! And make sure they see the melancholy of their own life pass by in peace!

A vision for the future
In every step of our journey and each little milestone we celebrate, it is because of our team who offered us their unwavering support, commitment, and dedication to our consistent growth. For sure, our policies are employee-centric that paves the path for substantial future.
We strive to maintain and promote a healthy workplace by encouraging our employees to spend time together with our extensive brainstorming sessions including knowledge sharing, training sessions, contribution of broad ideas, stretch assignments, and innovative initiatives that yield us best results at the end.

Constelli believes that a great path for the future will only be laid with even greater and prudent steps! And so, we are on our way!

Here is what we do!
We always work towards creating a best-in-class work environment for our dear employees by encouraging them to live their best all days of the week as we don’t believe in the 5-days work and 2-days fun formula. We help them in fabricating an idyllic balance.

In other words, our leaders and managers focus more on exploring the employee-driven interests, strengths, and passions by setting a good example of constructing own work-life boundaries, avoid sending messages after typical work hours, providing sufficient health benefits, and encouraging time off to prevent burnouts.
Also, we deeply believe in professional and personal development as well by furnishing valuable and profitable resources, which fulfill individual needs and enhances their growth.

A quick recap for enhancement
At Constelli, we make sure to go for a quick recap of the monthly advancements along with providing ample space for our workforce through our cheerful get-together events. Every month, we join in on the last Saturday and share our little achievements by relishing delectable food and irresistible fun activities. With these gatherings, we provide a special platform for the employees to showcase their hidden talents including plays, singing, dancing and the list never seems to end. Undeniably, this helps us to rejuvenate our energies and be on the track again.

How we balance the work-life imbalances?
To be precise, it is not simple, but we make it happen and, there is no single “proper” way to do it as we must do it in numerous possible ways. Surprisingly, one can achieve wellness through both – physically and emotionally. Constelli can preserve the work-life balance through most challenging circumstances by-
⦁ Improving mental wellness by offering required help
⦁ Offering PTOs to recharge themselves well enough to feel better
⦁ Building healthy physical habits
⦁ Ensuring and maintaining fine relationships with colleagues and managers
⦁ Developing wellness initiatives
⦁ Providing a channel for anonymous and honest feedbacks
⦁ Training leaders and HR managers on the importance of work-life balance
⦁ Listening to and acting on in-person ideas and suggestions
⦁ Acknowledging accomplishments
⦁ Providing everything so that our peers meet their personal goals

No company is perfect especially in today’s hybrid work cultures, but we pull out all the stops to build a better way of life at Constelli as we truly believe that an organization plays a major role in balancing the work-life scuffle and encourage our employees to adopt the above-mentioned practices without fail.
Again, thinking about blurring the imbalances is one thing and putting them to practice is another herculean task as many other concerns pop out in between. All we say is start on the road to better work-life balance and pave a way out of this incessant wrestle with ease and put an end at once.

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