About Constelli Signals

We are a group of young and enthusiastic engineers, domain experts, and experienced sales executives providing turnkey solutions to challenging requirements in Signal Processing. We work on leading technologies in Signal Processing solving problems in Defence and Aerospace fields. Our solutions range from tactical radios to radars, and from research to mission critical applications.

Constelli in Defence And Aerospace Industry


Constelli offers leading solutions in signal processing such as target and threat simulators, software-defined radios and telemetry products


Check out Constelli's products and solutions for aerospace that range from telemetry receivers, transmitters to tracking receivers

Constelli RES for FMCW Radar

FMCW Altimeter Test System is for FMCW Radar testing with multiple target scenarios, extendable to L, S, C, X, Ka & Ku bands. The system includes Coherent Up-Down Converter to extend frequency bands. Built with the Constelli Radar Toolkit for LabVIEW, the solution can accommodate custom target scenarios and ranges.

Life at Constelli

We believe in our core values and give extreme importance to people and respect their thoughts, freedom, and growth. The work culture enables every individual to come up with new ideas & innovate, take ownership, communicate openly, share knowledge and add value to entire organization. We have an open and dynamic culture at Constelli enabling a strong collaboration among the team. We at Constelli recognize the importance of work-life balance and have policies empowering employees to strike a happy balance.

Rally for Recreation (R.A.R)

Rally for Recreation (RAR) is a monthly get-together of all the Constellites and people associated with Constelli,organized on the last Saturday,of every month,with a simple agenda - Quick recap of the monthly progress,scrumptious food,fun and frolic.

RAR Saturdays are designed especially to allow the creative juices to flow,where in the whole team decides on choosing a specific activity and everyone gets to participate in the task agreed upon.

Our RAR sessions are aimed at bringing out the best in every individual and make workplace more enjoyable.

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