Drone based Telemetry Receiver Payload

Drone-based Telemetry Receiver IRIG standard Frame Synchronization Supports Demodulator Futuristic design RHCP & LHCP antennas Real-time data SWAP inclusive
Drone based Telemetry Receiver Payload

Meet our brand-new portable drone-based Telemetry Receiver, utilized to acquire critical data in L/S & C bands from platforms with complex LOS connectivity.


As per the IRIG standard, the sophisticated telemetry Receiver supports the Demodulator, Decoder, Bit Synchronizer, Frame Synchronization ported on a single FPGA for 10 Mbps data rates for PCM/FM, BPSK, QPSK schemes.

With a futuristic design this drone-based Telemetry receiver is applied in field applications. It is developed and deployed, attached to a drone with dual antennas for polarization.

Key Specifications:
  • State-of-the-art compact portable S-Bnd system comes with antennas and RX on the drone.
  • Supports the Demodulation, Decoding, Frame Synchronization on board the Payload.
  • Supports recording of demodulated data in the system.
  • Supports live data streaming to ground station via a data link without Interference.
  • The receiver has RHCP and LHCP antennas mounted on the drone.
  • Operational time is 45 minutes with full load.
Application Challenges:
  • The overall design and development of a portable Telemetry Receiver with antennas for operation on a drone.
  • Consumption of power, size, weight, and data criticality while operating in the sea environment.
  • Extraction of data in real-time for relaying demodulated data using a data link.
Solution Advantages:
  • Most advanced field deployable drone-based Telemetry Receiver with antennas.
  • Built-in recorder for data redundancy and data link for real-time data transfer.
  • IRIG-B compliant.
  • Super-efficient SWAP inclusive on independent batteries.