Constelli Industries


At Constelli, we render top-notch defence solutions in the electronic warfare, communications, telemetry and radar segments. Constelli has a range of products suiting fields of applications like missile testing, ranging & tracking, software-defined radios, digital telemetry transmitters and receivers and more. Specialized in Radar technology, we offer customizable target echo simulators in wide range of bands in addition to Air borne, marine, ground surveillance radar solutions.Our team, consisting of accomplished engineers device integral technology solutions with utmost skill and value.


Launch vehicle ranging to satellite tracking to deep space communication links, Constelli provides niche technology solutions to requirements in the space industry. We provide products which range from Radar IPs such as beamforming, phased array generators to digital telemetry transceivers. Even better, our application engineers can build your custom applications with the aid of Constelli’s RTK and off the shelf Communication systems IP library.

Our Products