EW Emitter Simulator

Multi-Emitter Simulation Intrapulse & Interpulse Modulations PRI & PW Variations All types of Radar Waveforms and Modes Range, Doppler & RCS Environmental & Atmospheric Modelling AoA Simulation Phase Interferometry Amplitude Comparision & TDOA
An Advanced Emitter Simulator Software

Electronic Warfare testing is one of the challenging test & validation process involving high levels of complexity. As most of the present day advanced test systems are driven by the software defined framework, a comprehensive EW software with flexibility of simulating a complete realistic operational scenarios would enable the developers to test the EW systems under all possible conditions.

The Constelli Electronic Warfare Signal Generation Suite (CEWS-G) is a graphical software library to create Complex Emitter profiles with access to IQ & PDW data over time and comes with a flexibility to interface with other software platforms like STK etc. for complete EW Scenario Simulation. CEWS-G Emitter profiles can be converted to standard PDW formats compatible with Industry standard Test Instruments from Keysight, R&S & IQ Hardware Platforms.

Key Features
  • Generation of Complex Emitter Profiles
  • Compatible PDW data generation for Keysight, R&S & IQ Hardware platforms
  • Real time Generation of IQ and PDW data w.r.t time
  • Open API Architecture to integrate with other 3rd Party scenario software like STK etc
  • Supports all Amplitude, Frequency and Phase Modulations
  • AoA simulation for Phase Interferometry, Amplitude Comparison and TDOA schemes
  • Configurable Inter and Intra Modulations
  • Visualization of IQ data, Pulse Patterns, Pulse drops, Spectrum & waterfall plots
  • Programmable Library for custom application development and readily available examples
EW Emitter Simulator Demo

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EW Emitter Simulator

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