Digital Telemetry Receiver

Two Channel IF & RF (S band) Three Channel Demodulation with Diversity Combining MPSK, Tier-0, Tier-1 and Multi-modulation IRIG and CCSDS Standards Equalization, FEC, TMoIP In-built IF & RF Test Generator
A Dual Channel IF & RF Data Receiver

Constelli Digital Telemetry Receiver (CDTR) is dual channel IF & RF receiver supporting L, S or C-bands. The state-of-the-art telemetry receiver supports Automatic Gain Control, AM Tracking, Diversity Combining, Equalization, Demodulation of PCM-FM & SOQPSK-TG, Bit Synchronization, Frame Synchronization, LDPC and Convolutional Decoding, and Telemetry Over IP (TMoIP) as per IRIG Standard. In addition to featuring front panel touch screens, it supports display over Ethernet & HDMI making it convenient to operate.

DTR comes with a built-in test generator which generates modulated signals at IF and RF for loop back tests. The form factor of CDTR ranges from 2RU to 8RU and custom form factors can be developed on request.

Key Features & Benefits
  • Dual channel IF & RF (L, S, C Bands) Receiver
  • Data rates up to 40 Mbps
  • Supports FM, MPSK, and Tier-0, Tier-I Waveforms
  • Trellis Detection for improved performance
  • Diversity Combiner and Equalizer
  • Convolutional and LDPC Decoding
  • Frame Synchronization
  • AM Demodulation for Tracking and AFC
  • Telemetry over IP (TMoIP ) Support as per IRIG-106 Chapter 10
  • Inbuilt test signal generator, to test receiver at IF and RF
  • Hosts various types of IOs to access independent blocks such as Bit Sync and Frame Sync
  • Front Panel Displays
  • Supports display over Ethernet and HDMI Customizable for various other modulation schemes and data rates
  • Available in 2U, 3U and customizable form factors
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Digital Telemetry Receiver

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