Constelli Radar Toolkit for LabVIEW

Holistic Solution for Radar Design, Prototype and Test NI LabVIEW FPGA Support Functional Examples right out-of-the-box Support for all NI RF & FPGA Platforms All types of Radar Waveforms Building blocks for Threat & Echo Simulation Radar Signal Analysis & Measurements Handy Calculators
A Development Tool for Radar Engineers

Constelli RTK is a holistic solution for all your Radar test, design, prototype, and teaching needs. It extends the built- in capabilities of NI LabVIEW and NI LabVIEW FPGA with functions and tools for Radar Signal generation, Threat/ Echo Simulation, and Measurements and Analysis. With this toolkit, you can rapidly develop applications for Radar Test & Measurements, Echo & Threat Simulators, Research, Design & Prototyping, and Radar Training & Teaching.

The toolkit supports multiple of the NIRF & FPGA Platforms including NI VST (PXIe5840,5644/45/46), FlexRIO & Controller for FlexRIO, NIRFSG, and RFSA. The bunch of out-of-the box examples with FPGA focused frame works help building applications for Radar Threat/ Echo Simulations, Signal Generation, Analysis, and Visualizations.

CRTK is available in four packages featuring Generation, Analysis & Measurement, and Target & Emitter Simulation for LabVIEW HOST and FPGA.

Key Features
  • Wide range of Radar Waveforms
  • Real-time Radar Signal Analysis &Measurements on FPGA
  • Enables EW Scenario Simulation (Target Echoes & Threats)
  • Real-time Hardware-In the-Loop simulation
  • Optimized range simulation logics
  • Floating & Fixed-point Algorithms
  • Handy Radar & Microwave calculators
  • Full-fledged applications right out of the box
  • Examples run on NI RFSG, NI RFSA, NI VST, NI FlexRIO, NI Controller for FlexRIO, and NI USRP
  • Baseband IQ Stream to run with NI RF Signal Generators and RF Signal Analyzers
  • Free 30-day Evaluation
Radar Toolkit VI Types
Radar Signal Generation
Radar Signal Analysis
Radar Target/Emitter Simulation
What you can build using the CRTK?
  • Radar Target Echo Simulator
  • Threat Emulator
  • Radar Test Systems
  • Radar ATEs
  • UWB Radar Signal Generation
  • Application Software
  • Radar Prototyping
  • Training simulator
  • RCS Measurements
  • Pulse & Chirp Measurements
  • Signal Analyzer

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Constelli Radar Toolkit for LabVIEW

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