PINGALA Calculator App Launched!

PINGALA Caculator App for Android and iOS, has been launched by Dr. B K Das, Director, Integrated Test Range (ITR), DRDO, Chandipur.

Constelli's Pingala Launched

PINGALA is a handy tool for engineers, students and scientists to use in field, lab, training, classroom and virtually anywhere. Calculators are categorized under DSP, Antenna, Channel, Receiver and Radar segments.

PINGALA features comparative BER Graphs for various modulation schemes including M-PSK and M-QAM. Includes handy bidirectional Power Converters and Tables, and Charts of frequency bands.

Some of the Calculators included are: PLL calculator, Eb/N0 to C/N converter, FFT Gain and Bin Resolution, Antenna Gain, Beam Width and G/T Ratio, Line of Sight Range, VSWR to Return Loss, Frequency to TEM Wavelength, Free Space Path Loss (FSPL), Link Budget, Velocity to Doppler conversions, Minimum Detectable Signal, Multi Stage Cascaded Gain and Noise Figure calculations, Cascaded IP3, Spurious Free Dynamic Range (SFDR), Power Conversions, Noise Temperature to Noise Figure, Frequency and Wavelength conversions, ADC DAC (ENOB to SINAD) conversions.