Planeteers – The Green Warriors

Emphasizing importance of ecological responsibility of individuals and organizations, a voluntary club- Planeteers is formed by the employees of Constelli with the motive of making the work-place eco-friendly. Taking up green initiatives, the club also encourages innovative ideas to reduce carbon foot print and drives to implement them. 

Planeteers came up with an action plan for three months. 

Few proposals:

  • Brining lunch from curry points to employees in lunch boxes. Existing practice was to bring food items packed in low microns plastic covers, which was ecologically unfriendly and also a health hazard. 
  • Using cloth towels to dry hands instead of tissues to reduce paper wastage.
  • Replacing plastic bags with cloth/jute bags for all office usage.
  • Segregate  dry and wet waste and recycle.

Future plans:

  • Automate and control lighting in rooms and work floor.
  • Install aerators to water taps.
  • Install solar equipment (solar light, solar fans, etc) in the office.