RAlly for Recreation (R.A.R) – January, 2020

Annual Day Celebrations

The RAR of 3rd January marks the second annual day celebrations of Constelli, a first of its kind event since the inception. Spread over two days, every activity was of significance, setting the direction of our journey henceforth. 


Amidst on-going projects and regular hustle bustle, this RAR came in pausing all the activity. An organizing committee was formed and meetings, events, logistics were planed with all the excitement. The CxOs had distributed their questionnaires for inputs from the team.  


Day-1 started with the company presentation by Avinash and Satya. Their presentation revisited the past two years, covering the milestones we achieved and the failures that we trembled upon.


Our Chief Guest of the event, Sri Pradhan, Director at Flic Microwaves addressed the gathering with his wise advice that emerged from his extensive industrial experience. Having walked the path earlier, he set valuable guideposts to us.


Reminding us of our strengths and potentials and cautioning us of lapses, Sri Kannadasan and team from ITR, Chandipur kindled up our spirits with their address over video conference. Smt Manjula and Sri Shankar from Vantage helped us retrospect and strengthen our foundation.

With a birds eye view of what has gone by, all Constellites are now resonating with a clearer vision for the future.


The rest of the day and night was spent in midst of lush green hills of Ananthagiri. Over the chilling night in camping tents, we had a memorable time around warm camp fire with activities and drama. Day-2 was all fun and adventure with Trekking, Cricket and Kayaking.    

With High Octane charging, the team is all set to ascend heights!!