RAlly for Recreation (R.A.R) – March, 2018

RAlly for Recreation (RAR) is a monthly get-together of all the Constellites and people associated with Constelli, organized on the last Saturday, of every month, with a simple agenda- Quick recap of the monthly progress, scrumptious food, fun and frolic.

This RAR is our very first one. The first hour, we discussed our achievements of the last quarter and our priorities for the next quarter. Although, it is very common at Constelli, to have lunch together everyday, this Saturday was even more special, because, it was every individuals’ favorite – The Hyderabadi Biryani. We had varieties of biryani and other delicious dishes.

RAR Saturdays are designed especially to allow the creative juices to flow, where in the whole team decides on choosing a specific activity and everyone gets to participate in the task agreed upon. This Saturday, we chose to paint. Although, not all of us were exceptionally good painters, we all had a lot of fun during the whole process. Satya, our CEO, who paints occasionally, has taken a painting session, to teach us a few basics. By the end of the session, we each, had to paint a tree.

After the painting session, we had a table-tennis tournament. Just like painting, there were quite a few first-timers.. However, each and everyone has participated in the tournament and had oodles and oodles of fun! The team enacted true sportsmanship, by helping out the first-timers better understand the rules and enhance their overall experience of the game.

Our RAR sessions are aimed at bringing out the best in every individual and make workplace more enjoyable.