RAlly for Recreation (R.A.R) – Sept, 2019

Constellites had a colourful and vibrant RAR this September! With the festive spirits of Dussehra round the corner, all of us gathered in ethnic attire and started off the exciting day. 

Monthly review meeting was followed by fun filled group activities that emphasized on effective communication. Now You Draw Me was one activity where two partners draw an image with the aid of communicating geometric figures and relative positions. The time-bound task of getting the intended outcome (image) on canvas was interesting to observe from a player’s and audience’s perspective. Telugu Lo Cheppu (Translates to Say It In Telugu) which was one game that brought to light, surprising skills and linguistic mastery of many in the team.

Thanks to our Satya, our CEO and his family for the home-cooked resplendent festival feast that left us all with loads of energy. We ended the day with rhythmic strokes of Dandia and Garbha.