RAlly for Recreation (R.A.R) – June, 2019

All work and no play makes jack a dull boy. After a month full of diligent schedules and challenging deadlines, we had a refreshing RAR session this month. 

In the morning, we assembled for the RAR meeting, where we discussed the success stories and set backs of the previous month. We also discussed the targets and plan of action for the next month. After the monthly review, we played Creative MOM (makers of memes) – a fun game where we made funny memes on our everyday encounters at work and competed with each other for the most creative one!

After relishing a delicious meal in the afternoon, we had an Ad Mad Show competition, in which we divided into groups and enacted an advertising skit to promote a funny – supposedly non-existent product! The event was filled with laughter and cheers when the participants advertised for products like International Instruments knee bending balm, watch with customizable time, mobile with an extremely slow processor. Loads of creativity!

We then proceeded for a guild master game, in which participants were randomly given funny tasks to do; and then concluded the day with a Table Tennis tournament.